Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toooooo looooong

It's been way too long since I have published a post. I am sorry. I think blogging runs in seasons. I can keep up for a long time and then I just don't take the time to write anything. I think it has to do with the sun. The days are shorter. I am used to going to be about an hour after sundown which through the summer was about 11:00 PM. Now I want to go to bed at about 6:30 PM it has been dark for a while. Lets play catch-up:

  • Sunday Nights are still going strong with Meals and Sidewalk Sunday School. We are now in two locations feeding about 225 each week and having nearly 100 kids in Sidewalk Sunday School
  • Sidewalk Sunday School kids from Garden Square sang at a combined worship service with all the UM churches in Kokomo
  • We now have a facebook page you do need to sign up to see it. It is free and no spam.
  • smoking classes went well and we are about to start a second set
  • The Call to Action Conference went well. We are going to start a church/school partnership. Thirteen schools will be served by churches throughout the city.
  • We are preparing for the Thanksgiving dinners which will be the night before Thanksgiving, this year in two locations we expect to serve somewhere between 350-400 people.
  • Dave Mullens and I still are doing weekly podcasts, Two Middle Aged Pastors talking about stuff. The website is twomiddleagedpastors.com
  • A new choir has formed and has sang. It is the first choir in a long long time at Trinity. It consisted of nine middle aged women and an 81 year woman led by a soulful African American man, they did great. We shall soon have a Sister Act situation on our hands.
  • In other news: Fairview Baptist Church has joined us on Sunday Night as well as three men in their mid twenties that are taking on some leadership roles.
  • Things are going well please keep praying.
Thanks Jeff