Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check it out

In 1993,my friend David put up one of the first United Methodist websites. It was called the "Unofficial United Methodist Church Website". Once the official website came on-line a few years later(he also put the official site up)he changed the name to umsource.net. He recently invited me to be a contributor to the site. Today I put my first post up. It can be found here.

In other news, Andrew (who I wrote about in "Life on The Porch" you may read about him here) allowed me to pray with him tonight for the first time, it was actually the first time I asked. He is way open to God and is searching. He has been attending church, which is a good thing. By the way I am taking Andrew to take a test and enroll in GED Classes.

Please pray for Scott,(he too was in the devotional here) he is the "bling, bling" single father. He and his 2 1/2 year old were evicted yesterday. He could not pay his rent. I was worried that he would be on the street with his son, as there is no place in town that will help a father and child. When I saw him two days ago I asked him how he was. His response, "I am blessed." How can you lose your home and be blessed? He is moving in with a friend in Greentown, he feels it would be a better place to raise his son. Yesterday the housing authority pulled up to his apartment in a dump truck and carried all the stuff left in his apartment and piled it in the truck. On the very top was his son's red wagon. All last summer he pulled his son around in it. Scott literally lost it all. It makes me realize how blessed I am. Thanks for all the prayers. Jeff

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New for 2007

For me, 2007 has started off with a bang. On New Years Eve and woman who I had never met came to the church to ask me what we needed for the Outreach. I told her diapers, toilet tissue etc. She then asked if we could go to my office to talk. She then told me that what I needed was a copy machine. Suddenly, my mind raced back to the previous Wednesday as I was yet again sitting in another church waiting for Sidewalk Sunday School fliers to be copied (the church's copy machine died just a couple weeks after I arrived, with no money to fix it let alone replace it). I told her we did need a copier she wrote a check for it and I purchased it. Her gift was generous enough that we also will be able to maintain and be able to purchase the toner etc for the next five years. Praise God!!!!

I have had the opportunity to lead a round table conversation with a group of Episcopalian pastors and their bishop about church re-starts, thinking Missionally and community outreach. It was a great morning to share.

At our first KUO board meeting of the year, the board of directors approved a $50,000
budget for 2007 and voted to pay me full time. No more teaching at the Academy. Praise God!!!!!

I was presented a check for $3,250 from a young leaders club for the Outreach and had a chance to share with them what we have been doing.

We are going deeper with the children, instead of just singing to be singing they are learning that singing is praising God. They are learning about prayer as they form small prayer groups to pray for each other. They are learning to read scripture and are memorizing short verses. The next step probably in the fall is to help them to think Missionally.

Our Sidewalk Sunday School room is being covered with murals, carpet has been installed and a just the right size sound system has been donated.

Last week there was a Ladies Only clothing giveaway organized by the neighbors themselves. Hundreds of items were given away. The coolest thing was someone brought in about 100 lotion, shower gel etc packs and each women received a treat bag.

New volunteers are appearing on a regular basis. When the evening is over most volunteers have an ephinany they have just been helping Jesus in the Kingdom. Most leave with a new sense of mission.

We are collecting soup for February since it is the month of Super (Souper) Bowl. Feb is also black history month and we hope to have a "Soul Food" dinner soon. We are also collecting valentine packs so children can fully participate in valentine's parties at school. There is no doubt that God's people will come through.

Mary Ingle spoke to a Lutheran church last Sunday and hundreds of personal hygiene items, food, new clothing and a lot of other items came pouring in later in the afternoon.

I am leading a workshop in Feb. at an Evangelism Conference in Lafayette called, "Becoming the Church Next Door" and will be sharing at a Mission Banquet in Anderson in April.

Please keep praying that churches all over will open themselves up to the idea that they are to be a mission base in their neighborhood and that every person in their church will live Missionally. Thanks Jeff