Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Podcast

Dave recording our podcast

Dave and I just completed a new podcast called, "Incompetence and Why American Idol is So Popular" you can hear it here. Let me know what you think. This week has been a week of regrouping and sorting out. Very good week with many new ideas. Thanks for the prayers. Jeff

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Last night at the Kokomo Urban Outreach Board of Directors meeting I was presented with articles of incorporation from the State of Indiana. We are now officially recognized by the state. We will open a checking account on Wednesday and I will begin drawing a check this week. I am starting out at half pay until we have a stronger stream of income moving into the account. In other business we approved a liability and workers comp. Insurance policy and we began to focus on getting the word out. Our next step is to received federal recognition. Thanks for the prayers as we have seen a dream become a reality. Jeff

Monday, February 13, 2006

What a Prize

Everyday I am more amazed at the effects that poverty takes on children living in it. I had an 8th grader win a prize the other week at the Sunday Night Outreach. I took him to the where we keep the prizes so he could pick one out. The prizes are stored in the janitor's closet. He could have picked a number of prizes, however, he saw a twelve pack of toilet Tissue that was stored in the closet and asked if he could have it. He hadn't had any in his house for awhile. He said it would be great for him to take it so he could help out his family. I gave him the tissue and offered him a prize too, he refused a prize for himself because in his eyes he hit the jackpot. He was very happy and excited with what he received. I am learning more and more that children in poverty are always thinking about their family and how they can help provide the needs in the family. Each week we give children left over food to take home. We often make too much on purpose. Last night each family received a sack with food, can goods, nuts, and several pieces of fried chicken we had left from the dinner. I wish you could have seen the smiles on their faces as they were carrying food home to help their family.

Thanks for the prayers.

Week ahead

Today I am finally able to go to the Doctor. I have some temporary health access while our insurance issues are being resolved. I haven't had a diabetes check since we moved here. I would covet your prayers as my sugar levels are a bit high and I can't seem to get them to go down to normal levels. Tonight we have a Kokomo Urban Outreach Board Meeting, where we will approve the By-laws and move one step closer to non profit status. Our non profit status when approved will be in affect as of January 13, 2006. Tomorrow I am substitute teaching at Kokomo Academy, this time in Social Studies, which I have not done yet, this is the one class I have wanted to be in since I like the subject matter. Wednesday I am going to a pastor's prayer group and later in the week I will be attending my first board meeting of Howard Regional Health Care System(formally known as Howard Community Hospital) Mental Health Care Meeting. It will be my first meeting since being asked to be on the Board. God has been faithful and we are so blessed. Thanks for the prayers. Jeff

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Eighteen months ago I wrote a paper entitled, "Re:Church" it can be read at my other blog for free click here. However, it has finally been perfected in book form which can be ordered here for the cost of printing and shipping. I have sort of put this project on the back burner for a long time. But I began to feel God stirring me to finish the book and have it printed. I, reluctantly, listened and it is now available. Again I am not profiting at all from the book, just trying to get it in the hands of those that desire to read it. Please keep us in your prayers. Jeff

Thursday, February 02, 2006

ArtReach starting at last

It seems like things are finally moving forward. I tend to be a bit impatient Since the email newsletter went out(five days ago) $2,500 has come in and two guitars, along with food, cardtables and many other things I had on the list. Because of the generosity I should be drawing a pay check soon. ArtReach is off the ground and we are offering rides to the grocery store several times during the first 10 days of the month. We are offering the following ArtReach classes and students are already signing up.

Beginning Guitar
Monday's 4:30-5:00
Starting Feb.13
Ages 5th grade to Adult
You do not need a guitar to attend.
Guitars will be provided as needed.
Jonathan Newton, Instructor

Beginning Jazz Dance Class
Thursday's 4:30-5:15
Beginning Feb. 16
Girls 6-12 yr old
No special outfits or shoes needed
Meagon Parrish, Instructor

Beginning Art Class(Pencil Drawing)
Saturday's 10:00 -10:45
Starting Feb.18
All ages(children/youth/adults)
All supplies provided
Shannon Westray, Instructor

All classes are six week long, Free and are being held at
Trinity United Methodist Church

Kokomo Urban Artreach strives to reach out into the community through the arts with the goal to cultivate creativity, self-esteem, and self-discipline. Our goal is to empower people to break the cycle of poverty, to address structural causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society. Along the way participants will be exposed quietly and gently to the Good News of Jesus. Thanks for the prayers and all the giving. Jeff