Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Week in review

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  • Two cookouts
  • Serving about 260 people with 55 volunteers
  • Podcast
  • Sewing classes on Tuesday
  • Neighbor in Hospital (Pastor Gloria)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


After a 30 page application that took several weeks to complete, a phone call or two to the IRS, making sure every t was crossed and every i was dotted, we received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that as of January 13, 2006 we are an official not- for- profit 501 (c) 3 organization. I am very excited that is over. Everything is retroactive to the day of incorporation in 2006. YEA!!!!!

In other news:

  • We are having what I am calling extreme cookouts. Large crowds, extremely good volunteers and lots of fun. God is up to something big.
  • Folks are responding to our need for hotdogs etc. God is Good.
  • Two wonderful ladies from Russiaville held their first sewing class, seven neighbors attended and made some beautiful pillows. The sewing ladies consider themselves missionaries. By the end of class they knew each 'student" by name and something about them. Several of the women attending had never used a sewing machine before. Everyone left feeling good about themselves. It was a great day of accomplishment. God is stirring hearts.
  • One neighbor woman called me over and put a handful of money into my hand and asked me to buy a pop up canopy so that we would never have to cook out in the rain again. I took her seventy dollars and purchased a canopy. I know she had been saving up a long time to give that gift. God is generous.
Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks Jeff

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Note from Director of Children's Outreach Mary Ingle

Family and friends,

This is just a write up about our first night at doing the cookouts. Yo should have been there to see, live, and experience it!!!!!!!! What an incredible, amazing, and God-thing it was. And it was ONLY our first Sunday night!!!!! Pastor Jeff and many AWESOME volunteers are handling Garden Square and yours truly and another group of AWESOME volunteers are handling Pine Valley. I was SOOOOOO excited about the turnout. We helped several families with food afterwards. All of our leftovers went home with families. They were so appreciative. We heard many "thank yous", "Can't believe you guys are doing this". You guys are really special." You guys really are doing this EVERY Sunday night." These were only a few comments we heard. I pulled up at Trinity to pack groceries for a family and I met Pastor Jeff and Chris(wife) and I was so full of joy. I said "tonite was SWEET!!!!"
God truly blessed our first cookout. I was praising Him all the way home. During the night, I heard a voice that said, "Hear my voice". Well, I did hear His voice a couple of months ago that said, "Cookouts at Pine Valley." Well, we did and oh my goodness, we were very blessed.

We could use more volunteers at Pine Valley. We need around 6 to serve. An I would love to have another group of 4+ to play games with the kids. I have games planned to play. So, if your family, women's or men's cell (bible ) groups, youth groups, would like to help us, please email me or call me @ 868-3151. Cookouts are EVERY Sunday from 5-6. Dave Kilty is our griller and he starts grilling at 4:15. You would need to be there by 4:15. After we get things set up, we ways have prayer before we start serving. We are usally done by 5:45. People start coming at 4:45 to eat and we begin to serve then. Please pray about being a part of this wonderful journey and being used as Jesus hands and feet. God spoke to me during the cookout and said, these people just not only needs to build a relationship with You and me, but with one another. Pretty cool, hu????

Well, I could go on and on, but I think you all get the overview picture. May God continue to bless all of you as you are blessing Him.

Serving 4-Him,