Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Night Outreach

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Tonight we had forty some kids at our outreach ministry. They really ate up the pigs in a blanket, macorni and cheese, green beans(which we ran out of), peaches and a cookie. The manners program is going well with an adult at about every table. We could use a few more.

Tonight we began a Spanish Speaking Bible Study, there were three people plus the teacher.

I do the youth which is a fun group that get along well. I had 6 in my group. Next week we are having a pre superbowl party just for fun.

Today at the new service we had four first time visitors from the apartment complex. One wanted to begin a journey with Jesus. Very exciting stuff. God is so good to us. Thanks for the prayers. Jeff
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Thursday, January 26, 2006


This week has been very productive as I have been able to secure instructors for the new Artreach Project. We will soon be offering three classes: guitar lessons, dance lessons and art lessons. We will add more classes as instructors are secured. I realized that I have not explained ArtReach on my blog, the following is the brochure that we are passing out to folks when I speak or just meet with people:


Kokomo Urban
Artreach strives to reach out into the community through the arts with the goal to cultivate creativity, self-esteem, and self-discipline. Our goal is to empower people to break the cycle of poverty, to address structural causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society. Along the way participants will be exposed quietly and gently to the Good News of Jesus.

Why Fine Arts?
  • the arts serve as a powerful and effective vehicle for conveying important lessons to children, youth and s‚– not only in terms of direct tie-in‚’s with academic studies, but also with respect to social issues: conflict resolution, drug and alcohol abuse awareness, alternatives to violence, resistance to peer pressure, coping with loss;
  • learning through the arts has significant effects on learning in other domains, often providing the key to enhanced self-esteem which impacts on all aspects of life;
  • team-building and leadership training are natural outcomes of group participation in the arts;
  • by introducing students to other cultures and traditions we broaden their view of the world and enhance their understanding and appreciation of differences;
  • biblical principals are easily taught in a not threatening way


  • Build Self Esteem
  • Practice Discipline
  • Learn an Art Skill
  • Develop responsibility
  • Learn about Jesus
  • Begin or continue Journet with Jesus



Possible Classes
Any Instrument

We will offer any fine art type class for free as the volunteer instructors are secured.


Volunteer instructors can set up class anyway desired. Instructors can set time, day, age, and class size. Kokomo Urban Outreach will provide reasonable supplies for classes. Classes are generally offered in 6 week increments. Kokomo Urban Outreach is a faith based community organization that is dependent on volunteers and donations.

"Bringing people and opportunity together"

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back to Normal?

The holiday's are over now we are back to normal, as much as one can be. On Sunday night we resumed the Children's program which went well. On Monday I helped Morning Star church pass out fliers in a middle class neighborhood asking for food to help those in need make it to the end of the month since high heat bills eat into food budget. Tuesday I subbed at Kokomo Academy in Science and then went to Carmel to visit a parishioner in the hospital. On Wednesday, I spent the day writing and planning. I have added a post to my rechurch blog discussing the three ways I believe we can engage the community along with a discussion on duplication, competition, and collaboration in the church community. I also planned my sermons for the next six months and organized a presentation. Led Bible Study last night. Today I will be attending a ministerial meeting and passing out door knob hangers in our neighborhood inviting folks to our new worship service at 10:45 this Sunday, the service will be very different you can read about it here. On Saturday I will be speaking to the United Methodist Men from St. Luke's UMC. Before Sunday I have to prepare a sermon and bulletin. I am also finishing a new project called Artreach that will start next week. Thanks for the prayers.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Finally, we can begin to accept financial donations as a non profit organization. We are now able to give receipts for tax credit. We are in the process of getting a 501(c)3 from the Federal Government which might take a few months, however, it will be retroactive to January 9, 2006.
Checks may be made out to Kokomo Urban Outreach and sent to our new mailing address:

Kokomo Urban Outreach
P.O. Box 20122
Kokomo, IN, 46904-0122

Thanks Jeff

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It has been an amazing 10 days. I spent most of last week in Nashville, TN at a Congress on Evangelism. I went with my District superintendent. We stayed at Opryland, a 5000 room hotel, never seen anything like it. The pic on the left is a pic of where we stayed. We stayed on the 4th floor with the balcony. We overlooked what looks to be a tropical paradise outside. It is really inside, a huge greenhouse. The conference was very good, I left with lots of information. While I was there the woman that Chris has been caring for, passed away. Chris has been caring for a High School friend that had cancer, Sharolette Echlebarger. We went to the calling on Sunday and the funeral on Monday. We saw so many people that we haven't seen in years.

Last night we finally got the Kokomo Urban Outreach Board organized and set in motion. We approved budgets, job descriptions, by laws, and elected officers. Those that were at the Board Meeting last night included: Kevin Miller, chairperson(assoc. Pastor at St. Lukes UMC), Judy Adams, Vice Chair(pastor of Parr UMC), Ron Harper, Secretary(President of the Howard County Foundation), Monica Arrowsmith, treasurer(member at Main St. UMC-Lawyer/registered Nurse), Evan Strong(Pastor Faith UMC), Emily Beard( 20 year old that attends Trinity UMC), Travis Taflinger(Director of Bridges Outreach attends First Church of God), Grant Poynter(retired), April Mozingo(Registered Nurse attends McGrawsville UMC), and Rod Ledbetter( Delphi attends Morning Star Church). The meeting went very, very well. We accomplished what many say take 3-6 months in a very short time. Today we are applying for Not for profit Status with the state and right after with the Federal government. As of now we can officially accept donations to Kokomo Urban Outreach as we are in process of non profit status. Our budget for 2006 is $70,000, that includes my salary and a part time(20 hr week administrative assit) along with insurance, office rent, office supplies, advertising and program expenses. We have $16,000 already pledged. We hope to raise the majority through 25.00 a month partnerships and in kind donations. We feel we need 150 people to participate in the $25.00 per month program with the rest coming from one time donations and business gifts. The administrative part is my least favorite part, put God has put around me a bunch of very, very gifted and talented people. Please continue to pray, as we begin fund raising for this ministry. Jeff