Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Pantry Run and the goodness of God

This past week was interesting. Early in the week there was a front page article in the paper with big bold print that said Out of Stock Salvation Army Food Pantry shuts down. Apparently, it was on the radio and TV. From my understanding, the Salvation Army has a yearly budget to buy food from Food Finders in Lafayette. Their budget year starts on October 1, meaning Sept is the last month of their year. When the food ran out last week they closed until October 1 when a new load would be delivered. However, people that depend on the food pantries, panicked on Wednesday there was a run on all the pantries in town. At the end of the day Wednesday most were without food. Our shelves contained 60 jars of peanut butter, 12 cans of soup and 24 cans of green beans. We could not open with that on Monday. However, God is good and God is big and by Friday Night we were completely restocked with our shelves filled to overflowing. Thanks be to God. Thanks for the prayers we really appreciate it. Jeff

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reily Outreach

This summer Mary Ingle went around town asking managers of Apartments/Mobile Home Parks to see if they would be open to us coming in and setting up an Outreach site. Generally, we use community centers. She went to Riley Modern Estates on North Washington St. The manager was not only open to having us in the park, she gave us a trailer with free lot rent. The trailer is junk and had to be gutted. Yesterday was the United Way's Day of Caring. A group from Delphi and a group of students came and helped with the inside demolition. In about two hours the whole trailer was gutted. Kitchen, Living Room, three bedrooms and a bath and a half. Here are the pictures. We will be running Sidewalk School, a food/clothing closet and will be listening to neighbors to see what else we might need. Keep praying!!!