Thursday, July 26, 2007


God is Good!!!!!! God is surely at work here. Last week we had VBS with Grace United Methodist Church they brought their kids to our church. We had around 60 kids each night. On Friday we had a picnic/concert in the apartment complex. We served about 340 people and the music was great.

That same week we had three mission teams come to help us. St. Luke's Middle School Youth group helped us set up for VBS and bagged 300 bags of Groceries. On Wednesday, Bridges Outreach and a group from Kolhs came and helped us prepare for the Friday Picnic and then went door to door with groceries. They delivered to families at Garden Square and Pine Valley. On Sunday night a mission team came from Lowell UMC to help us at the cook-out, it was great to see some good friends.

It appears we will be beginning a new Sidewalk Sunday School at Stoney Creek Mobile home Park(across from Sewage Plant on Markland).

The school has been providing lunches in the apartment complex from the time school was out until last Friday(July 20). We picked up where they left off. On Monday when we opened up we had 66 diners, on Tuesday 88 and on Wednesday 99. God is blessing us with food and volunteers. On Saturday we are having a pancake breakfast. Honestly, I have never would have thought so many families would have so little food. In the past three weeks we have given out about 700 rolls of toilet tissue.

A group of girls from KUO went to church camp this week. Please pray for them and their leader. Thanks for the prayers. Jeff

Monday, July 16, 2007

Food Glorious Food

We have had two awesome weeks in the Outreach. We received hundreds of cans of food on the Fourth of July with the "Give for the Good" food drive. We are beginning to collect backpacks and hygiene supplies for back to school gifts. Yesterday we had parish nurses take blood pressure at cook out. They were busy the entire time. Tonight we begin Vacation Bible School, we had many kids sign up yesterday at the cookout. Next Monday we begin Kid's Cafe, will be serving lunches to anyone who wants to eat, weekdays until school starts. I was unsure how we were going to provide the lunches. We received many large cans of fruit and vegetables from the food drive, but the fresh food was going to be an issue. Friday I received a check from the Bishop of the UMC. At Christmas time most churches collect an offering for children in poverty. I did not apply as I did not know I could. I was surprised to receive a check for $1,400.00. We will be sending food home with the children on Friday to help over the weekend. No one should go to bed hungry and hopefully no one in our neighborhood will in the next few weeks before school starts.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Good News Needed (click pictures to enlarge)

It has been a difficult week in the neighborhood! (read story here)
There was a major drug raid with several of our Sidewalk Sunday School Kids parent's arrested. There were dogs, many police cars and a helicopter. All were all arrested for selling cocaine . It has been hard on the children who saw it and even harder on the children whose parent's were arrested. Living missionally can be kind of messy.

In the midst of the difficult time which in my opinion was really a good thing(I just feel bad for the kids, we are picking up the pieces). There have been many good things happening. Leadership Kokomo provided us with a new trailer equipped with new grills, tables, coolers, a shelving unit and even a stereo system.

They also provided us with lots of sidewalk toys---bubbles, chalk, balls, jump ropes etc. Leadership Kokomo Team 3 also volunteered one Sunday Night. That night we served about 230 people.

We know that God is in the business of
restoration and we are seeing,
hope and joy being restored
in the neighborhood.

Tug of War being played by small children.

When I saw them tugging I thought,
"this is their life".