Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas 2013

.... her husband and three children build a strong family.  Colette signed up for Baby University, and she learned that she was her children’s first teacher.  Her son, Blake, attended the KUO preschool, sponsored by Chapel Hill Christian Church; and her daughter, Abby, is part of the KUO Girl Scouts.  Collette’s family have eaten countless meals that you have supplied as she betters herself.  Collette and her family recently, moved out of a public housing apartment and are now renting a large house that will comfortably house her entire family.  The children are going to Upward Basketball because of connections that were made in the community.  They now have Hope!

Kokomo Urban Outreach now has a presence in 32 neighborhoods in Kokomo.  Hundreds of people are given Hope each week.   You provide about 64,000 meals each and every month….768,000 meals a year through  Buddy Bags, food pantries and cooked meals, all of which are supported by you.  Thank you.  

Children are showing improvement at school as parents learn through Baby University that all children are home schooled; they are home way more than they are at school….parents learn to keep teaching.  Because children have food, they are healthier. Because of donated clothing and hygiene supplies, children go to school clean and clean children are less likely to be bullied.  Because of social activities, children are developing a healthy self-esteem.
The impact you are having on the community is incredible, the presence of KUO can be felt all across the city.   Recently a local pastor, made the comment, “I can’t imagine our city without Kokomo Urban Outreach”.   I responded, “God is good!”    To impact our community on this scale it takes all of us—you, me, everyone.   Your end of the year gift will go a long way in impacting our community.

Christmas is all about hope.   Thank you for offering Hope to our neighbors who struggle. As you make decisions about year-end giving,  It is my prayer you will consider supporting Kokomo Urban Outreach. 

Christmas Blessings,

Jeff Newton

Jeff Newton and KUO staff