Thursday, April 19, 2007

Round UP

It appears that I haven't posted anything for a while. Let's circle the wagons and catch up.

We are still inside on Sunday Nights with meal and Sidewalk Sunday School. On Easter Sunday we had a smaller crowd than expected. We had hundreds of Easter Eggs to find in an Easter egg hunt after dinner on Easter Sunday. We had eggs in four areas and divided children into age group. Our yard was covered for older elementary. Only three were hunting in that area. After a bit that group got tired and asked if they had to pick them all up. We turned younger kids in behind them to finish cleaning up the yard. Kids went home with completely full bags of plastic eggs with candy inside.

The next week we were back to normal numbers. :)

I spoke at the Marion District's mission rally that was called, "raise the roof with the Bishop" . The district was putting a roof on a school in Africa. I spoke about neighborhood outreach and the bishop spoke about mission trips that had impacted his life.

One day last week I attended a Prevent Child Abuse Conference to do an opening and closing prayer. Little did I know I was receiving an award for the work we do with children. My name was on the plaque but God and the many volunteers did everything, I mostly stand and watch in awe.

I met with a potential new board member. Our board is losing several folk due to moves, we are working at replacing and building the board's capacity. I am stressing the need to be highly committed and the expectations that I desire for a board member. I don't want Kokomo Urban Outreach to be thought of as just a "good" organization but as an organization that strives for excellence.

Leadership Kokomo is working on providing us with a cargo trailer and all the trimmings. We will be able to pull into neighborhoods to do mission work. WOW!!!

Today I met with two very nice women who will be offering sewing classes. They are going to begin with a pillow making project and go from there. They desperately want to be Jesus to someone else.

I am fast learning it is hard for long time church members to be the hands and feet to the unchurched as they spend a great deal of time with Christians in church.

Please pray for D.J. a 3 yr old boy we work with he is having surgery tomorrow. All of his teeth are rotten and they all have to be capped. I will be visiting him to tomorrow in the hospital.

Thanks for the prayers. Jeff

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Podcast

Dave Mullens and I just finished a new podcast. A podcast is a type of Radio show. We found a new way of producing them using our cell phones and web page called, "Talk Shoe". What is cool about this format is that people can call in and join the conversation. Our podcast will be every Tuesday at 10:15 PM. Just go to talk shoe and you will see all our shows and the schedule. Click us on and listen. If you want to join in you must register on-line. If you want to just listen at your convenience you can click the play button on the right.