Monday, September 24, 2007

First Sunday Back In

Last Night we had our first Sunday back inside. We were not sure how many would show up. There was a youth group from Shiloh UMC (14 people) . We put a couple at each table and prepare ourselves for a group. We had more than a group, or a crowd, we had a huge crowd. More and more people came, until we had to discreetly pull the youth group out of the room so there would be seating for more. We seat about 90 we served 125. We had around fifty or so kids that stayed for Sidewalk Sunday School. Everything went very well. Our unofficial theme is "Better and better, in every way, better and better everyday, better and better the Jesus way". Keep us in prayer. Also pray for the team that will be at Pine Valley. They are going to attempt to do a meal and Sidewalk Sunday School at the same time we are. They are having some issues with the facility. Tables have been taken by the housing authority to be repaired. Hopefully they will be returned soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Call to Action Conference

A coalition of prominent community organizations, commissioned a 2007 Community Needs Assessment to stimulate conversation and guide planning to create sustainable improvements in the quality of life for all of Howard County. The assessment indicated that the Church in Kokomo is the strongest institution out of 26. I believe that puts the Church in a position of leadership and now is the time for the Church to come together and respond. There are several community concerns the church could and should address. Some of the issues include: food insecurity, family homelessness, services to single fathers, transportation, concerns of children and youth, as well as some of the educational issues. Please Mark your calendars, begin to pray and plan to attend!!

October 14, 2007

2:00 PM

Creative Financial Design

2700 S. Goyer Road

Kokomo, IN

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Smoking Cessation Class

Last night was our first smoking cessation class. There were nine people in the class. It was really cool how God put all of it together. We had a local hospital come and teach the class and we began to recruit sponsors to pay for patches, gum etc. In the midst of the planning, a Dr. how volunteers for us stepped forward and offered to make each person her temporary patient and prescribe a new drug Clantix. The drug has a huge success rate. The cost of the drug is being paid for by sponsors. Sponsors will also receive names of those trying to quit to pray for them. Please pray that all are successful. My only disappointment is that not more people signed up. No One can smoke in their apartment after Jan 1 '08. All residents were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. They could be free of the smoking addiction with no cost for them. To me that is amazing.

In other updates Andrew is doing well in college so far. He sings in the Glee Club and seems to like it. Jonathan is working in Lafayette for a moving company and is pursing music. He has written a couple of songs and actually sings them, you can hear them here. Patric and Laura lives in Bloomington where she manages a "Things Remembered" store in the mall and Patric works for a church camp near Brown County State Park. Chris is still caring for a 93 year old woman each morning. Chris' sisters and her are preparing for a rummage sale this weekend at their mother's house in Greentown, trying to rid the house of extra stuff so the house can be sold. Thanks for the prayers. Jeff