Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Smoking Cessation Classes

Ten people went through the Smoking Cessation Classes. All were successful in cutting back or quitting. Three have quit completely, while the rest are down to less than 10 per day. Cindi Meyers did a great job organizing the classes and Howard Regional administered the classes. Thanks to both. Dr. Nuss from Russiaville, was able to prescribe Clanix a new stop smoking . Ten people sponsored a smoker with $100.00 and prayer. Some of those in class will receive maintenance meds to help them for one more month. Thanks for all who helped this group defeat an addiction that is very hard to stop.

In other news:

  • Nearly 100 meals were served at Garden Square with about 70 served at Pine Valley
  • Sewing classes continue
  • Crisis Childcare is going
  • Call to Action Conference being planned