Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Trailer Project

Click here to see pictures of our Outreach Trailer at Riley Estates.

Blessings so far this year

At Kokomo Urban Outreach we have been blessed by:
  • Chapel Hill Dishwashers
  • All the great youth groups that have volunteered about 20 different groups
  • Society of St. Andrews Potato Drops
  • Cowboy Church and Pastor Steve Sherwood
  • Giving businesses especially Kim at Kroger
  • Support from civic groups
  • My Tuesday Morning Covenant Group
  • Father Richard Lightsey and St. Andrew Episcopal church
  • The Board of Directors of Kokomo Urban Outreach
Stephanie Berghoff Board President
Ron Harper Secretary/ Treasurer
Travis Taflinger
Gloria Strickland
Grant Poynter
April Mozingo
Deanna Ancil
Chris Roberts
Walt Doering
Madelyn Stanforth
John Rudy
Lori Collins
  • Awesome Volunteers over 2000 strong
  • A strong relationship with nearly 50 area churches
  • Lifesaving Administrative Assistant
  • Expansion of Project EAT with a new volunteer coordinator
  • Lots of food drives
  • A strong connection with other non-profits
  • Tons of food given to be distributed
  • Wonderful cooks and servers
  • Faithful givers
  • A vision of the future

This list is incomplete, I have just scratched the surface.