Saturday, May 02, 2015

New Initiative

I am very excited about a new initiative in Kokomo that I will be leading called "TransFormation".  First of all I want to be clear that I will be the full-time Executive Director of Kokomo Urban Outreach and will be adding  Lead Pastor of this new initiative.  Officially, I am the Lead Pastor of five United Methodist Churches in Kokomo-- Cassville, Faith, Hillsdale, Parr and Trinity.   In July of 2015, four  parish interns will be joining me to learn, work and help lead the churches. The idea is that young adults who feel a call to ministry will have an experience that will help them "form" their call before going to school.  At the same time, churches will be transformed by focusing on making Disciples of Jesus Christ today as well as in the future as they encourage interns.  The churches will encourage the call of the interns and the interns will encourage the call in the local church.  Please pray for this initiative as I believe that it will impact the Church not only today but into the future too. 

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